32 Family Friendly New Year’s Eve Ideas

With the kids wanting in on all of the New Year’s celebrations, we are excited to share some fun ideas we have gathered for family friendly New Year’s Eve celebration ideas.

It really is such a nice thing to celebrate the new year with family. Kids of all ages can enjoy this special evening!


New Year’s Eve Game Free Printable

One thing we love to do every New Year’s Eve is play our NYE Questions Game. This is family friendly as well. You can simply download and print this game for some NYE fun!

free printable new year's game

Some of our favorite questions include:

  • Favorite memory of the year
  • If you could live one day over again, what would it be?
  • Best thing you did for someone else this year
  • Best movie of the year

Family friendly NYE Party TIP: Set the clocks back a few hours so the kids feel like they are staying up until midnight

How can I make New Year’s Eve fun at home?

We have gathered some amazing ideas (some with low effort, some with high effort) to celebrate NYE at home with family. These family friendly New Year’s Eve ideas can be low cost as well.

disco ball

32 Family Friendly New Year’s Eve Ideas

  1. Have a dance party with your favorite music – this is a family favorite by far! We let the kids make a play list, put up the disco ball and have some fun!
  2. Make a time capsule to open in the new year
  3. Have a movie night with popcorn and treats
  4. Have a game night with board games, card games and our NYE Questions Game
  5. Have a karaoke night – pull out that karaoke mic or karaoke machine
  6. Have a pajama party with hot chocolate and snacks
  7. Make a themed dinner with friends or family
  8. Have an outdoor bonfire or campfire
  9. Make a scavenger hunt
  10. Make a DIY photo booth with props
  11. Make a themed dinner menu with food from different countries
  12. Host an outdoor movie night (if you live in a warmer climate)
  13. Have a themed dress-up party
  14. Play a family game of charades
  15. Host a family slumber party
  16. Kid friendly drinks
  17. Make a new year’s resolution list – we have a free printable resolutions list you can download and print
  18. Have a themed dinner party
  19. Have an outdoor picnic in the park – this is fun if you live in a city
  20. Have a trivia night
  21. Have a costume contest – invite some neighbors or family over for a hilarious costume party!
  22. Host a virtual karaoke night – if your family and friends live out of town, this is such a fun idea!
  23. Make a list of things to do as a family in the new year – this can be a bit different than a resolutions list. This is a fun way to plan a trip or make family goals.
  24. Have a spa night with face masks and mani/pedis – this is fun for moms, aunts, grandma and girls
  25. Make a list of books to read in the new year
  26. Make a list of places to visit in the new year
  27. Have a drive-in movie night
  28. Have a themed scavenger hunt
  29. Play a game of glow-in-the-dark dodge ball or whiffle ball
  30. Have a virtual family game night
  31. Make a list of favorite memories from the past year
  32. Set up a balloon drop

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