Aug 15 2014
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post by Sara

Colorado, California, Nevada, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Minnesota. Harper and I hit seven states this summer. We were lucky enough to get to spend so much quality time with family and friends. Ty was able to join us in most of these places which was amazing. Harper made a list of things she wanted to do this summer and we crossed all but one off her list (from losing teeth to spending time with cousins to making pudding pops). I am beyond thankful that I get to spend every summer day with my girl. I am a very lucky mama.

Here are some things we have enjoyed checking out this week….

And the nominees (restaurants) are…

Global parenting habits that we don’t see in US.

More ways to stay present.

Can’t wait to make these for the next bday.

Love this beautiful dye printable.

What to not spend too much on at the grocery.

I can’t wait to try this grilled flank steak!

Have a fun weekend!

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