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shelter islandpost by Melissa

We’re back from our week-long stay in Shelter Island, NY. What a dreamy place. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. And I’ve decided it’s the summertime place that kids dream of. It was the perfect way to celebrate the end of summer. Calla starts kindergarten on Monday! Any tips on this transition?

Here are some of our favorite things we found this week. Enjoy your weekend, friends!

Eat your fruit and veggies… in pictures.

You may have already seen this, but too good not to share. A four-year-old’s review of The French Laundry.

History of the mason jar.

A Wrinkle in Time to get the Frozen treatment!

Great floral centerpiece tutorial.

Sweet roundup of block printed fabrics.

Want to try this cracker recipe.

Think I may have to get these

Love these rainbow blocks.

Pin of the week.

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