May 2 2014
A little bit of everything
Post by melissa fenlon

lovely stoplight in Akureyri, IcelandAlex just got back from almost two weeks in Iceland for work, and took this sweet picture with his phone of the most lovely stoplight in the world, in Akureyri. He said most of the stoplights in town are like this. How sweet is that…

It was a little torturous returning back to snowy Crested Butte this week after ten days in San Francisco. While SF was getting 80-plus degree weather, we were getting snow. Follow us on instagram to see some pics from this week.

Have a great Friday and weekend, friends. Here are some of our finds we thought you’d enjoy. –Melissa

A new way to listen to podcasts.

Amazing mid-century design dollhouse.

Want to try making these tissue paper poppies for Miss Poppy’s nursery.

Kinda want to splurge on these sandals.

Swooning over Design Mom’s curator collection.

These gluten-free brownies look amazing.

Mad, mad dancing skills.

And look, Harper and Calla got to model some adorable birthday crowns.

(photo by fenlon photography)

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