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aspen leaves in crested butte, coloradopost by Melissa

Went for a little hike yesterday after three days of rain and snow in Crested Butte. We stumbled upon a ditch that was full of floating aspen leaves. I couldn’t stop taking pictures. It reminded me of a Charley Harper painting. I love how monochromatic this is. The drops of melted snow on each leaf add such a cool dimension. We were mesmerized by these leafs, especially when the wind kicked up and started to take them on a little journey down the ditch.

We’ve compiled some of favorite finds from this past week. Hope you enjoy them. Happy weekend!

Twenty-one laws of nature, from a kid’s perspective.

The gender of pockets.

Parenting in the age of iEverything.

More play for kids.

Forty reasons to be happy.

Growing up with animals.

All hail the cornbread tamale pie.

Blow your mind fall ideas.

Cute idea for Harper’s birthday party.

Going to try this recipe.

Loving the costumes on Say Yes.

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  1. We love the picture of the aspen leaves – it’s really neat! S&J

  2. Love this picture. The colors.. The texture.. The interesting detail on every leaf.. Great job!!

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