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Glacier lily // aliceandlois.compost by Melissa

Happy Friday, everyone. It’s raining this morning in Crested Butte, but I don’t mind at all. It’s greening up here as the aspen trees are budding. It’s truly one of my favorite times of year, and one of the tiny new aspen leaves are the most amazing colors of green. The glacier lilies are exploding as well (pictured above). Poppy is sprouting herself. She is growing up before our very own eyes. Calla finishes out her time as a preschooler next week and Harper graduates from kindergarten today! How time flies. Sara and the fam are celebrating the end of the school year this weekend. Follow along with us on Instagram to see our adventures.

Here are a few things that caught our eye this week… enjoy!

A fresh makeup routine.

This was such a fun project.

A wonderful way to donate.

Loving this tank for summer.

How I love Cowgirl Creamery.

The girls will love these paper dolls.

Fascinating. The Topography of Tears.

My favorite pin of the week.

(photo by Melissa Fenlon for alice & lois design studios. All rights reserved.)

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