A love letter to San Francisco

A love letter to San Francisco

(from Sara)

Dear San Francisco,

Twenty years. You took me through my 20’s, 30’s and into my 40’s. You were with me through my post-college days, meeting new friends that turned into family, late weekend nights, first corporate jobs, getting engaged and getting married. From hiking in Marin, to camping trips, days at the beach watching the surf, to countless Giants games, and lazy days in the park. From exploring new corners of your city, to favorite restaurants and types of food I had never tried. Shows at the Fillmore to camping trips on Angel Island, from beach days in Capitola to BBQs on the deck. Exploring Yosemite to trips to LA, from coffee shops to street fairs to setting up small businesses. Weekends in Sonoma to exploring new city shops, and long days working at Gap.

You were with us from the days of absolutely no responsibility to the ultimate one. We became a family in the little village of North Beach. It was amazing how a city can change overnight – we suddenly noticed all of the parents pushing strollers instead of the late night revealers. We raised our daughter in your family-friendly neighborhood. We met wonderful families through school that became like our very own family.

Twenty is a very good number. So good, that after celebrating twenty years living in your amazing city, we decided it was time to move on – to be closer to our family in the place we grew up… Indianapolis. I want to thank you, San Francisco from the bottom of my heart for shaping me into the woman I have become. You have taught me to be accepting, open and compassionate to everyone no matter where they have come from. You have not only taught me this, but also our nine-year-old daughter. She has such a compassionate, accepting and nurturing soul.

Just a few weeks ago, we moved back “home.” My husband, daughter and myself moved to the Northside of Indianapolis. We are living a drastically different life. We live in a house with a huge yard. We don’t have a landlord to call when something goes wrong. But San Francisco will be with us where ever we go. The vibrancy of the city, to the diversity and acceptance of all people to the attitude of amazement and wonder. So, cheers to new adventures. And cheers to San Francisco for giving us twenty amazing years. I thank you, San Francisco, from the bottom of my heart.

– Sara

Photo    by Sara Albers. 

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  1. Namemelissa says:

    Beautiful post, Sara! I hope the next 20 years in Indianapolis are as wonderful as your 20 years in SF!

  2. A life time holds many places called home and SF sounds like one of the very best. Your heart holds memories forever.

  3. love this sara! and i love having you a little closer – although san francisco was fun to visit! 😉 xoxo!

  4. Hi Sara,

    Welcome back to Indy! You and I have not actually met but I’m good friends of the Leaman’s and cousin’s with Courtney Condon & Katie Alkire. Oh, and I know your sister-in-law, Julie. Anyways, I live in Sweetwater Estates on 75th and Dean. Just wanted to welcome you guys home and to the neighborhood! I’ll have to get in touch with Heidi and see about getting together for a glass of wine or something. Plus, we have two girls ages 7 and 5 1/2.


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