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A year in Review 2013

top posts on aliceandlois.com2013 has been an amazing year for alice & lois. We launched our blog this past July and it’s been truly amazing. We attended the first Alt Summit in San Francisco, meeting some new blogging friends and being inspired by Mariam Naficy of minted.com and Mike McCue of Flipboard.

Since July, we’ve enjoyed sharing our creativity through DIY projects, sharing our favorite recipes and sharing the stories of goodness. It’s been unbelievable to connect with people from all over the world who have found our blog in this big world. We’ve listed below some of our most popular posts of the year.

So thank you to all of you who have visited our blog and a big thank you to the people who have allowed us to tell their stories. Big kudos also go out to our families for supporting us. We’ve got a lot of great DIY projects, recipes and more in store for 2014. We look forward to growing even more. It’s such a rewarding experience for us to work on this together, even though we live thousands of miles apart.

–Sara & Melissatop posts on aliceandlois.com

Here are a few of our favorites (and our readers too)!

DIY Homemade Heating Pad

DIY Fabric-covered Wooden Spoons

DIY Drawstring Snack Bag

5 Best Gray Paint Colors

Tips for Successful Photos

Spotlight on Goodness – Lisa Rueff

Recipe Homemade Ginger Beer

Recipe Homemade Nutella

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