Activities and Educational Tools for Kids

We’ve put together a growing list of some of our favorite educational websites/apps for kids, our go-to art projects, favorite games and more to help us all through this isolation period. Please let us know if you have any favorite sites or activities to add to the list! Here are some great thoughts from a Homeschooling parent who shares tips.

See all of our Activities and Educational Tools for Kids…


Khan Academy

Scholastic at Home

Curiosity Stream

Prodigy Math


Marble Math

Monster Math

Dogo News


Tour museums virtually.



Art Hub for Kids

Go Noodle for Kids

Puppet Master App 

Project Kid

Write and illustrate a book


Everyday Fun:

  • Game Night – Family board games
  • Dice Games
  • Build a fort
  • Clean your closet 🙂
  • Teach kids classic games like cribbage, backgammon, hearts, chess…
  • Make a car track on the floor with masking tape
  • Bake! 
  • Yoga
  • Write emails to relatives
  • FaceTime friends and relatives
  • 20 Indoor Activities for Kids


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