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Celebrating a 70th birthday

celebrating a 70th birthday party for dad on aliceandlois.comWe just spent a week in Michigan to celebrate our dad’s upcoming 70th birthday. Coming up with the theme for his party was easy, our dad simply loves cars. So we enlisted the help of our older brother to create a list of our dad’s favorite, or most memorable cars he’s owned. From a GTO to a Lebaron station wagon, some classics made the list. I wanted to create a simple black and white poster style print for him featuring these cars. So I found images of the cars online, turned them into silhouettes in Photoshop and created the piece for him. He loved it! We also made coasters with each silhouetted car on it. To carry on the theme, we made pennant flags and incorporated each car on a flag, along with some red and black and striped flags with a big red 70 on it to remind him how old he was turning. To finish off the decorations, we made paper placemats out of old and new photos of our dad with his family.  It was a meaningful detail that had everyone looking at their placemat and trading with others, since each one was different. celebrating a 70th birthday on aliceandlois.comHappy Birthday, dad. You are our one true classic.



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  1. Susan Christenson says:

    THIS WAS AWESOME FOR YOUR DAD!!! What talented daughters he is SO LUCKY to have!!!

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