DIY Air Dry Clay Wall Hanging

DIY Air Dry Clay Wall Hanging

Who doesn’t love a good air dry clay project? We are obsessed with the ease and versatility of using air dry clay in projects.  Our fondness for this medium started with Melissa’s little nesting bowls (in 2014). Then we made platters and even made plates and bowls to look like enamel ware. And can’t forget about the clay ornaments!  Today I am so excite to share how I made this DIY Air Dry Clay Wall Hanging. I kept the clay white and used black cording to keep it simple. There is something about the white and black that gives it a modern feel. I used plates to make the arched shape. And hand drew the little rain drop shapes. Check out all the details on How we made this our DIY Air Dry Clay Wall Hanging Darby video.

making the video for DIY Air Dry Clay Wall Hanging


Air Dry Clay

Rolling pin

Craft knife

Bamboo skewer

Plates in 2 sizes

Sand paper

Black yarn or cord

Air Dry Clay Wall Hanging steps


  1. Roll out the air dry clay, about 1/4 inch thick.
  2. Use two different sized plates to cut out the arch shape.
  3. Using a pattern, cut out three drop shape pieces. You can use a tiny bit of water on you finger to smooth out the edges.
  4. Roll out three little ball shapes. Using a skewer, make holes through the ball shapes. Add a hole to the drop shapes and the ends of the arch shape.
  5. Allow to dry 24 hours.
  6. Lightly sand edges once dry. Please note, this is clay and it will break – so sand very lightly.
  7. Thread the cord or yarn and knot. See video for details.

Handmade Clay Wall Hanging

DIY Clay Wall Hanging

Photos by Sara Albers.



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    Love your aesthetic. Simple, sleek and beautiful. Meg

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