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DIY Butcher Block Table

DIY Butcher Block Table #DIY #butcherblock #ikeahack

Something new at the studio that I am so excited to show you! A few weeks ago I shared the new lounge or living area of the studio.I needed another work surface in the studio so badly. I work on a simple white table top and legs from Ikea. But when that table is used in the shoot, I end up prepping things on the floor! I also needed a wood tone table to shoot on against all of the white walls in the studio.

Butcher block was the perfect table top I needed. I wanted something that would be durable and last forever! I wanted real wood as well. Butcher block is quite heavy so adding legs to the table with casters was a must-have. I can wheel the table from the work space in front of the brick and windows and then to the large white wall to shoot on. I am thrilled with how my DIY Butcher Block Table turned out. 

How to make a Butcher Block Table #ikeahack #butcherblock #DIY

How to make a butcher block table

What you need:

5 ft piece of butcher block

Table legs on casters


Butcher block oil

A friend to help you lift the table after you put it together 

DIY Butcher Block Table #DIY

I used a 5.5 ft piece of butcher block from the hardware store. Ikea also sells a butcher block table top

Building the table is so simple! Make sure the ends are sanded if the butcher block has been cut to a size you need. Drill the Ikea table legs onto the bottom of the butcher block. Make sure that the screws do not go into the table top (depending on your table size). Also, be sure to have someone help you flip the table when complete. Butcher Block is heavy and it is hard to flip on these table legs with casters. 

Once you have put together the DIY Butcher Block Table it is time to oil the butcher block. I love this natural oil and conditioner

DIY Butcher Block Table #DIY #ikeahack #butcherblock

DIY Butcher Block Table

How to build a DIY butcher block table #DIY #butcherblock

DIY Butcher Block Table studio #DIY #butcherblock #ikeahack

Photos by Sara Albers.

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