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DIY Chain Stitch Linen Coasters

Learn how to chain stitch by hand! See how to make these DIY Chain stitch Linen Coasters.

linen coasters

We have been loving all of the chain stitch products that are so on trend right now. Like these nightgowns from La Paloma and these sweatshirts. 

There are chain stitch embroidery machines or you can do this type of embroidery by hand. Embroidering by hand is a fun skill to have. It is a wonderful way to add a personalized touch to so many projects. Remember these ornaments we made using the french knot embroidery technique? 

I could not wait to share a project using this embroidery technique. Enter the DIY Chain stitch Linen Coasters! 

We love the simple natural look of these linen coasters. They make amazing house warming gifts, bridal shower gifts and more. 

drinks on linen coasters

What you need for chain stitching linen coasters

Embroidery floss (thread)

Embroidery hoop

Embroidery needle

Erasable fabric marker

Linen coasters


We recommend not using the cheapest embroidery thread like you get in large craft kits. It is worth the extra few dollars to get good quality embroidery thread for chain stitching. 

embroidery thread

How to chain stitch

You can find our full step by step tutorial over on hunker.com where we are monthly DIY contributors. 

linen embroidery

We love using embroidery floss or thread for craft projects. See some of favorites below!

Embroidery thread and yarn craft projects

See some of our very favorite craft projects using embroidery thread and yarn. It is such a great way to add pops of color and texture to craft projects.

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