DIY Circle Beach Bag

DIY Circle Beach Bag

Get ready for summer with our latest DIY project – our DIY Circle Beach Bag. This is our favorite new no-sew project! If you haven’t noticed, circle bags are so on trend this spring and summer. I picked up these circle shape straw placemats at World Market a few months ago and knew they would make the perfect beach bag! This project is incredibly simple. You only need placemats, strong glue and leather straps to turn this everyday item into a trendy beach tote. I also added a pom pom and tassel tie to the handle to give a pop of color. You need to add this project to your “To Make List” ASAP! 

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DIY Circle Beach Bag supplies


Circle straw placemats (synthetic best), 15 inches diameter

Leather straps

Leather punch


E6000 glue

Binder Clips


DIY Circle Beach Bag


Cut two straps from leather. I wanted shorter straps, so cut at 11 inches. Also cut an additional square piece of leather from strap to secure on back of strap.

DIY Circle Beach Bag

Use leather hole punch to punch holes into each end of straps and through the square leather piece. Using the rivet set, hammer the rivet top to the rivet bottom through the placemat.

DIY Circle Beach Bag

Next, glue the bag together. Glue the edges of the placemats together using strong glue! Glue around 3/4 of the bag, leaving an opening on top, just outside of straps. Secure the edges with binder clips and allow to dry for 24 hours.

DIY Circle Beach Bag

Add a pom pom and tassel tie to add pops of color and fun! The bag is perfect for a turkish towel, book, sunnies and more!

DIY Circle Beach Bag

DIY Circle Beach Bag

Photos by Sara Albers. Assisted by Heather Rothert. 


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  1. Ah! I love tote bags and even better when they are beach friendly!

  2. NameTan of Squirrelly Minds says:

    This is seriously THE COOLEST! I love the shape and that you made it out of placemats! Mega round of applause

  3. What a great idea I love it!!!
    I know that koocam.com are looking for people who do DIY, craft etc
    Maybe you should check it  out:)

  4. Hello there,
    I know this is about your cute DIY Tote, but I’d really really like to know what sandals are you wearing here? They’re so pretty and go very well with the bag 😉

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