DIY Color Block Hangers

DIY Color Block Hangerspost by Sara

I was in need of the perfect housewarming gift. I wanted to gift my friend something practical, yet one-of-a-kind for her new home. And give her something – just for her! If you are looking to make a gift for a friend – you have to try these hand-painted color block hangers.

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supplies DIY color block hangers

Supplies: wood hangers (mine are from Ikea) // craft paint // painters tape (or washi tape) // paint brushes


Step 1: Determine colors and pattern for the hanger. I went with a simple color blocking method. Tape off areas to paint. Note that the tape will not wrap around the entire hanger evenly. I wrapped the tape on the front and sides. I free handed the lines on the back of the hanger.

Step 2: Paint inside taped off areas. I also painted some of the blocks free hand. I recommend using a straight edge brush – so much easier to paint straight lines! Paint 2 or 3 coats depending on color.

Step 3: Peel off the tape after the paint dries a bit. Let hanger dry over night.


DIY color block painted hangers


I have to admit, I made some extra hangers for my own closet too!

Here are some other simple projects that would make great house warming gifts: indigo dye dish towels // jewelry bowls // air plant box

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  1. Ohh, these are exactly the inspiration i needed! Thanks for sharing over at Blitsy! We have a clothes rack in our little video changing room that need some fun hangers. these will totally do the trick. thanks!

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