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DIY stuffed animal or doll mobilepost by Melissa

This might be the quickest DIY I’ve ever done! And I’m already dreaming up new stuffed animals or dolls to use for this DIY mobile. Poppy is in need of more art for her room, you know, some fun things to look at while getting her diaper changed (her least favorite part of the day). And I’m loving a simple aesthetic for the nursery right now. I love creating handmade pieces for a baby’s room – like these animal wood blocks, and DIY heart canvas.

This mobile is a great way to showcase some cute stuffies or dolls that aren’t needed for snuggling. And I’ll show you how to attach them for short-term use, in case you must change them out.

Read more for the full tutorial.DIY modern doll mobile suppliesSupplies: stuffed animals, dolls or fairies // 12 inch wood embroidery hoop //  clear fishing line  //  fine gauge wire  //  scissors  // wire cutters

Step 1 – Cut off a six inch piece of wire and thread it through the bottom of your stuffed animal or doll.

Step 2 – Wrap the wire around the doll and embroidery hoop until tight. Do this on the bottom, where the doll is sitting and then on one or two of her hands.

Step 3 – Tie your clear fishing line around the top of your hoop and hang from ceiling.

Isn’t this just the cutest? Next time I’m going to hang one of the stuffies upside down like they are hanging from a swing set. I think that would be adorable, too. I know Calla is going to want some for her room next. Can’t wait to see which stuffed animals she wants to put on display. And next time I hit the thrift store, I’m going to make my way to the stuffed animals aisle. Wouldn’t little bunnies or birds be amazing? What a fun mobile to make for a baby shower gift as well.

DIY stuffed animal mobile for modern nurseryphotos by Melissa Fenlon for alice & lois design studios. all rights reserved.

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