DIY Emoji Masks

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Who doesn’t love using emoji icons?! I have some favorites for sure. I admittedly overuse all three above in the picture. Sometimes I get the biggest laugh at my recently used icons – Hearts, big smiles, clapping hands and starbursts. That’s a good week.

We’ve been coming up with some super easy Halloween costume ideas over here. I whipped up these homemade emoji masks in no time. Just a few supplies and some rowdy kids are all you need. Read more for the full tutorial.


Supplies: yellow poster board // white, brown, black, red and pink paper // scissors // glue // large popsicle sticks

Step 1: Trace and cut a large circle ( I used an 11 inch bowl).

Step 2: Determine emoji face designs. I made the heart eyes, sunglasses and tongue designs. Cut out pieces.

Step 3: Glue pieces on faces. I used E6000 glue but you could use any craft glue.

Step 4: Glue the large popsicle stick onto the back of mask. I recommend using a hot glue gun.

The masks are perfect for a Halloween party for the kids and the grownups! How much fun would the masks be for a photo booth!

Big thanks to our models, Harper, Danielle and Ashling!

DIY Emoji Mask

DIY Emoji Masks

DIY Emoji Mask


DIY Emoji masks on aliceandlois.comphotos by Sara Albers, all rights reserved.

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  1. super nice! thanks for giving some ideas for my daughters birthday 🙂

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