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DIY Fabric Covered Pumpkins

Ready to turn your Fall and Halloween decor up a notch? Check out these DIY Fabric Covered Pumpkins today.

Fabric covered pumpkins

We love making seasonal decor that is timeless. And we love when it can blend into our home decor. Neutrals, whites, creams and more are right up our alley! 

This DIY Fabric Covered Pumpkins project meets all of the above! We used linen fabrics and mod podge to cover craft pumpkins 

What do you need to cover a pumpkin with fabric?

Craft pumpkins (small and large) We love using the paper mâché pumpkins. They are essentially a thin cardboard that you can paint or decoupage. You can also use foam pumpkins from big box stores. 

Linen fabric

Mod Podge

Sponge Brush


What fabric can you use to cover pumpkins?

You can honestly use any fabric you would like! We love the natural look of linen fabric. But you could use patterned fabric as well. Plaid, checkered, whimsical patterns, solid and more would look lovely. If you use a burlap fabric with more of an open weave, you will have to overlap the fabric more so you do not see the craft pumpkin that much. 

How do you display a fabric covered pumpkin?

These DIY fabric pumpkins look darling anywhere. I love how they look mixed with real pumpkins displayed on about a fireplace. I also have some styled on bookshelves. I have some of the mini pumpkins in a large wood dough bowl on the dining room table as well. Again, mixed with mini real pumpkins too! Love the look. 

How to make a fabric covered pumpkin

Fabric covered pumpkins are so simple to make. They would make a fun ladies craft night project or a project to work on with the kids.  If you haven’t used Mod Podge on craft pumpkins yet, you need to try! We have covered some with tissue paper and our favorite, paper napkins

You can find the full tutorial for this DIY Fabric covered pumpkins project here

linen pumpkins

Favorite Halloween Pumpkin Projects

Check out some of our favorite Halloween Pumpkin projects - from crafty pumpkins in animal shapes to tissue paper modern art insired pumpkins. We have you covered for the Fall season handmade decor!

linen pumpkins

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