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DIY Fabric Headband tutorial – Handmade Gift Series

Learn how to make a DIY Fabric Headband using scrap fabric and fold over elastic. This is the perfect beginner sewing project!

fabric headband tutorial www.aliceandlois.com

This tutorial for a little girls fabric headband takes under 30 minutes to complete. If you are looking for beginner sewing projects – you have come to the right place!

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Read more for the full DIY Fabric Headband tutorial – Handmade Gift Series tutorial.

Supplies for the DIY Fabric Headband

supplies.fabric headband www.aliceandlois.com

How to make a DIY Fabric Headband

fabric headband steps

1. Using template (download and print here) cut 2 headband pieces. Fold fabric and place wide end of template on fold. The headband pieces are 12 inches in length. The oval shape headband is 1.25 inches on the ends and 2.5 inches in the middle. Cut a 10 inch piece of fold over elastic.

2. Place the right sides of the fabric together. Fold down 1/4 inch and iron one end of headband. Slid in the FOE between the fabric pieces. Pin the pieces together.

3. Starting at the end of the headband with the FOE sticking out, sew that end and the two long sides. Leave the other end of headband open. Leave a half inch on each side of 2 long sides on the open end.

4. Next pull the the inside out by pulling the inner fabric through the open end of headband.

5. Iron the headband flat. Iron in a quarter inch on the open end of the headband.

fabric headband alice and lois

6. Slip the FOE in the opening (about 1/2 inch). I recommend measuring your child’s head to determine the perfect fit for elastic.

7. Topstich all the way around the headband to give a clean look. Make sure and back stitch on the ends to ensure the elastic is secure.

fabric headband DIY www.aliceandlois.com

Now you have a sweet and simple fabric headband for your little girl.

*Check out the tutorial for the same headband for women here!

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Enjoy your sewing! – Sara

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  1. This is really nice and easy, thank you.

  2. Good afternoon. Your little girl headbands are adorable! I would love to make them but it wont let you print the template. Do you have another site that I could go to to get it to print?
    Thank you so much.



    1. Hi Julie
      Thanks for the feedback on the template. I will email you the template so you can make some cute headbands!

      1. Do you mind sending the kid template/adult to my email? I can’t get the link to pull up! 🙁 My email is mrsvhamm@gmail.com. Thank you!!!

  3. I would also love the template! It doesn’t seem as if it is available. Could I get it emailed to me? Thanks so much, I love these headbands!

    1. renee adams says:

      I would also like the template emailed to me

    2. Could you please email me the adult template? I work in a healthcare office and the mask rope is getting really tough on the ears we are going to try and make a few of these with buttons. Thanks!!

  4. I have six granddaughters and would love to make these for them. Could you possibly email me a copy of the template also. Thanks…..I love them…..

    1. Hi Beverly –
      I just emailed you the template. If you have issues printing from our site, you can download and save the template to your desktop and then print.
      Thanks for reaching out!

  5. Teresa Ross says:

    I, too, would love to have the template emailed to me? Any suggestions for making adult headbands, i.e. how much bigger?

  6. These were so fun and easy. I spent an afternoon raiding my scraps. This should help me in my battle to keep my 4-year-olds hair out of her eyes. Also, my printer and computer are not getting along right now, so I appreciated your description of the template, I just made my own using the measurments as you explained it. Thank you!

    1. Great Miriam! Glad you made some…they are simple and quick and so great for the little girls! My girl loves them.

  7. These are so cute! Could you please send me the adult-sized template? Thanks!!

    1. Hi Rachel –
      I do not have an adult template to print. When I made one for myself I just added an inch on both top and bottom of girls pattern. I would recommend measuring your head as well for size. I can email you the kid template if you have issues printing the kid temp.

      1. I’m not sure where you enlarged – do you mean you added a total of 2″ to the length of the fabric?

        1. HI Deb
          The headband image is actual size. The number represent the actual measurements. Let me know if it is not printing correctly.
          Thanks, Sara

  8. Hi,
    I would like to make a couple headbands. Could you send me the pattern as well?
    Also, where did you find the pretty colored elastic? I only see black, white, brown…boring colors, I like the pastel colors you have. Thank you so much!!!

    1. Hi there
      I just emailed you the template! I also sent you a link to many Etsy shops that sell fold over elastic.

  9. Could you email the template to me please. Very cute!! Ty!!!

  10. Love the cute little headbands, woukd you mind emailing me the template to make them please? And do I cute one piece on the fold or 2 pieces?

    Thank you, can’t wait to make some for my granddaughters!!

  11. ruthanne thompson says:

    Wow…..I would SOOOOO love the template for the headbands too! Thanks in advance….your tutorial will help me start a new craze in our little community!

  12. Tara Garrison says:

    Is there any way you could also email me the template? I’m eager to make one of these!

  13. hi,
    I’m having trouble printing the template, could you send it to me by email?.
    Thank you so much!

  14. Colleen Janikowski says:

    Would love to have you email the pattern. Do you have an adult size pattern too? If not I”ll adjust. Thanks. They’re adorable

  15. I was wondering where you get your fabric from. Do you have a website that you like it just from local store?

    1. Hi Kelly – I get fabric from so many places. There are a few local San Francisco places I shop. Also fabric.com and many Etsy fabric shops!

  16. I would love to have the template for the headband if you don’t mind sending it to me. Thank you in advance! They are so cute and my granddaughters will love them.

  17. Hi, could you please email me the template?

    Thanks!! Traci

  18. Could I also get the templet? They are so cute!

  19. These are so cute! Would love to make some for my daughter and niece. Would you mind emailing me the pattern? Thanks so much!!


  20. Super cute! Could you please email me the template too??


  21. Thank you! I just made these in 4th of July prints for my 3 little girls to wear tomorrow. They turned out way cute and didn’t even take an hour to make 3 of them. Thanks again!

    1. Nice Heidi! Please send me a pic… we would love to see them!
      info at aliceandlois.com

  22. I love these, could you email me the template?

  23. Thank you for sharing the pattern. I’m very excited to stitch up some of these!

  24. Maggie duke says:

    I just live the headband. Please email me the templet. Thank you so very much

  25. Vickie Powell says:

    Please email me a template of the headband. I am going to teach my granddaughter to sew and I think this will be an easy item to start with. Thank you

  26. Aloha, I love these, could you please e-mail me the template for the head bands? Mahalo…

  27. angela warburton says:

    Your headbands are adorable I need one for my baby girl!!! Could you possibly email the template to me? Thank you so much!!!!

  28. Please send me the template. This is exactly what I have been looking for. Do you have template for teens or adults sizes?

  29. I am a sewing newbie. Does the elastic go through all the fabric or just connected to each side?


    1. Susie –
      You slip the elastic inside the opening of the fabric.
      Happy sewing,

  30. Stephanie T says:

    Could you please email the template to me as well? Thank you!

  31. Please email me the pattern for kids/adult headband THANK YOU!

  32. Would you please email me the templates for both the little girl and woman headbands? They are adorable!

  33. Carolyn Cortesi says:

    Would it be too much trouble to ask for the child and adult templates? I would be ever so grateful!!

  34. Would you pls. Email me the templates for both girl & woman headband? Thank you soooooo much 🙂


  35. Could you send me the kids and adult template??

  36. Can I have the pattern as well?

  37. This looks quick and easy. Thanks for sharing. I have shared with my FB likers.

  38. This is a wonderful idea. Would you be able to send me the pattern sent to me as well? Thank you so much 🙂

  39. Could I also get the template emailed. Thank you so much!

  40. hey, I can up the link, but when i go to print, it is to big for my printer to print on one page, will this mess up the template if i make it smaller??

  41. Jane Bass says:

    these are so cute! Could you e-mail me the pattern for both sizes? Thanks so much

  42. Jane Bass says:

    Never mind. I got it to work. Thanks

  43. Hi Sara,
    I love the headbands! I went to a Packer game last weekend and saw someone wearing one made from a Packer jersey. So I went to a swift shop and bought a few shirts. I started to cut them out for my girls but I am afraid that they might be a little small. Do you have a larger template you could email me. Thank you so much!

  44. I found it on the site! Thanks!

  45. I would love to have both templates, thank you!!! These are adorable

  46. Hi how do I get the template for the headband? I would love to make them for my daughter

    Thank You,


  47. Never mind I got it. Thank you again .. Wish me luck!!

  48. How long do you cut the elastic?

    1. Hi Kimberly – Cut 10 inches of the fold over elastic.
      Happy sewing,

  49. hi ,greate tutorial but could u plz email me the templates for both adults and children,
    keep up the great work

  50. I can not download the adult headband pattern. Can you please e-mail it to me. Thanks

  51. I absolutely love these and would also like a template please

    Thank you

  52. hi! i just love these, my daughter got yesterday her first sewingmachine, and now we are looking for projects to do. This one looks easy and amazing! would you send me the templates to my email so i can print it? Thanks in advance!

    1. NameMaria says:

      Scroll down, girl… I just saw the liNks! 😉

    2. There are links in the comments below. But I can send it to you as well.

  53. could you tell me where you get the elastic in different colors?

    1. Hi Cynthia – you can click on the fold over elastic link in the supplies section of the post. I order from amazon.
      Hope this helps!

  54. I have three girls they Love headband may i please get the template thanks a million.

  55. I love this tutorial!! Thanks for sharing. As for sizing, what age range are the headbands for? I’d love to be able to adjust the elastic size but not sure how to go about it.

    1. I would say that the kid’s headband is up to age 7. But, kid’s head sizes vary so much. I would recommend increasing the length of the headband a half inch or so to fit an older child.

  56. Wow ! what a beautiful hair band…thanks for the project

  57. Please send me the templet for the adult/child headband. Thank you so much. my email is fbettega@aol.com but in lower case sorry my computer is stuck in caps. again thank you

      1. Wondering if i could have the pattern for both the adult and babY hedband please? Thnk you! Very cute!!

  58. hi i would love the template , iVe just Bought a sewing machine…. Once ive figured out how to get it going id love to give this ago my little girl lovels marvel heros and wants some spiderman headbands ! Funnily enough u cant buy these

  59. Thank u for the Pattern. I have two sweet granddaughters that I have been having a great time sewing for.

  60. hI sARA i LOVE the headbands your little lady looks so lovely showing off her new headband. Thanks for sharing. Please could you email me the pattern cannot wait to make some for my Gran children.


    1. Here is the link to the template/pattern. It is in step one of the tutorial in the blog post. You have to click on the link to get the pattern. Hope this helps. Enjoy. http://bit.ly/1jijGN3

  62. Hi, i love these headbands! I did get too big of elastic ):. It worked out fine, though, and all of my headbands turned out great! One thing I would RECOMMEND instead of using a paper template is to use a cardboard cutout template, and trace pattern onto the fabric. Thank you for the pattern!

  63. This is perfect and just want I want to make for my neice to match one i am making for her american girl doll. (I just made them matching skirts as well.) Question: can I use regular white elastic 1/2″? It’s all i have currently and don’t have much time before the holidays.



  65. Hi there, could you please forward me the template, can’t seem to find it. would love to make these for my nieces. Thank you. M.

  66. Thank you for the pattern. Very good directions. Very clear and to the point.
    Great job ladies.

  67. Please email me child’s and adult headbands. They are truely adorable and cannot access them.
    Thank you in advance.

  68. How do you adjust the width of the headband for younger/older children? I am making a bunch for all my girl cousins and they range from 2 years old to 13 years old. Thanks!
    ~Liza from Sunshine Sisters

    1. I would recommend using the kids size pattern for the younger kids and the women size patter for the 12+ age girls. Happy sewing!

  69. Would you email the template to me too please?

  70. Where did you get this fabric? I have looked everywhere for it and can’t find it. I love all of the colors!

  71. Could you please send me the pattern for this head band.?? I would really be thankful.

  72. Could you please send me the template for the little girls headbands as I have 2granddaughters that would love one of these.

  73. This is really an awesome job you make look very easy I’m going o give it a try I love it.

  74. Hi Sara,

    I was wondering if I could get your adult template for making these beautiful head bands. Thanks Hillary

  75. I’m trying to download. No luck. Do you still have adult and child templets that you could email?

    I’d love it— will be grandmother/granddaughter matching.

    They are adorable.
    Thanks so much!

  76. I recently got a pixie haircut and I’ve been searching for cute headbands. Looking on Amazon and fabric ones start around $8. What?!!!! For fabric scraps?!!!! THANK YOU for the pattern!!!!!!!

    1. If you click the FOE (fold over elastic) under supplies in the blog post, it will take you to some elastic sold on amazon (affiliate link). You can also find it at most fabric and craft stores.

  77. Hi Sara,
    Would love to make these head bands, as gifts for a few little girls and their mums, so just wondering if your could please send me the template for the child and adult sizes.

    Thank you

  78. Beautiful headbands, would you please email me the template as well? Thanks so much!

  79. hi would you mind telling how what size elastic I would need for adults an kids. Also would you mind emailing me this pattern for adults!? thank you
    ps. Im making these for my sister, who is a nurse and has to wear the facemask all day. Thank you so much for your help

    1. How kind of you! I can send you the patterns. You can use any elastic – I recommend a half inch. You can use fold over elastic or regular elastic. If you have a hard time finding elastic, you can probably use a cut t-shirt as well.

  80. I tried to recreate your pattern from the measurements you have on the page. I wanted to make it for my adult daughter who is in the health care profession and needs a way to hold her face mask up. I made the head band a little longer but the back on top lifts. Is there something I can do to help it hold tight to her head? Thanks for your help. I love this pattern.

    1. This pattern is perfect for that. You can also add buttons to hold the face mask straps. I would recommend making the pattern a bit more narrow if it is sticking up in the back. All head shapes and sizes are different =) You could do 1/2 inch on each side. – Sara

  81. I really need this child headband template. Please email to me. Thanks!!

  82. Hi
    Could you tell me what is FOE as you mentioned in your instructions? And could you please email me the adult template ? I would love to make matching headbands for me and my girls.
    Thanks so much

    1. FOE is fold over elastic. There is a link for it in the suppies list. I can email you the pattern.

  83. Thanks for the template. I was winging it lol. Sometimes it worked. I’ll email you some of my work I’ve done and going to do.


  84. Thank you for this lovely tutorial. I have been looking for a pattern such as this for my granddaughter. I am a very experienced sewer and have been sewing 57 years but it’s always good to learn something new.

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