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DIY Fabric Party Hats

DIY Fabric Party Hat | alice & lois

Our latest DIY post for minted’s blog, Julep was so much fun to make. I made party hats using paper and fabric. Not sure about you, but I have so much fabric stashed away waiting to be used.

So what better way than to use it in your birthday party decor. I used some gorgeous fabric from minted’s home line.

DIY Fabric Party Hat | alice & lois

We have a bunch of crafty ideas for birthdays that you can find here. From free printable banners, to birthday chain ideas (a countdown type garland)! We love a good birthday decor craft project.

Now for the party hats, head over to minted to see the full tutorial for the DIY Fabric Party Hats. You can use any fabric (or even dish towel)!

DIY Fabric Party Hat | alice & lois

Photos by Sara Albers. All rights reserved.

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