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DIY Fabric Wrapped Succulents

DIY Fabric Wrapped Succulent | alice & lois

I have to say that one of my favorite gifts or favors is a giving the gift of a living plant. Particularly succulents because they are so easy to care for. Our latest DIY for minted’s blog, Julep adds the gift of green and a splash of handmade. Instead of potting the succulents, I opted for a quick and decorative method – wrapping the plastic containers in starched fabric. I love spray starch!  There is something so fun and modern about the bold black and white printed fabrics with the bright coral ribbon. How cute would these be as part of your party decor for a Spring brunch?! They could be used for place settings or as part of the table decor.

Head over to minted for the full how-to for the DIY fabric wrapped succulents.

DIY Fabric Wrapped Succulent | alice & lois

DIY Fabric Wrapped Succulent | alice & lois

Photos by Sara Albers

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