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DIY Fairy House Pillow

DIY-fairy-house-pillow on aliceandlois.comHarper and Calla are both obsessed with fairy houses. Calla even keeps a hand-painted fairy house outside on their front porch. She likes to leave little treasures for the fairies when they come at night. Although, Melissa wondered where a very nice earring of hers had gone…..you guessed it, Calla’s fairy house on the front porch! Yikes.

I wanted to make a fairy house that was sweet and soft for the girls to keep in their rooms. This project is wonderful for so many reasons: great use of scrap fabric, the girls will love it, and it is easy! You could even use this pillow as a tooth fairy pillow……

Read on for the full tutorial.

Supplies: linen fabric // scrap printed fabric // fusible interfacing // fill // sewing machine // ribbon


DIY-fairy-house-pillow-steps on aliceandlois.com1. Cut fabric: 2 pieces of linen 6 in x 9 in, 2 roof pieces 6 in on bottom and 6.25 in to top, 1 window 2.75 in x 2.5 in, 2 pieces for door with arch 4.5 in width x 5.5 in height, 1 pocket piece 3 in x 4 in, and 6.5 in of poms

2. Cut interfacing for all pieces and iron onto back side of fabric.

3. Sew pom poms onto front linen piece and front roof piece at the seam. Next sew the door. Sew right sides of fabric together. Leave opening on bottom seam and pull through. Iron and sew a top-stich edge around the door. Next using a zigzag stitch, attach the door to the front of the house.

4. Next make the pocket to go behind the door. I pressed all sides down to leave a finished edge to pocket. Sew the pocket onto the front of the house.

5. Now for the window. Sew window details on the window fabric. Next using a zigzag stitch sew window onto front of house. Next sew the front and back of house together. Pin the right sides of fabric together. Attach a piece of ribbon for chimney (or in my case a tab) between the rood seam. Sew pieces together using a 1/2 in seam allowance. Leave a 3.5 in opening on the  bottom of the pillow. Stuff the pillow with fill. Once filled, hand stitch or machine stitch the opening.

6. I hand stitched the door knob using an extra button.

Harper is already obsessed with the fairy house pillow and wanted to take it to school today for show and tell!

DIY-fairy-house-pillow-bed on aliceandlois.com

DIY-fairy-house-pillow-main on aliceandlois.comCheck out my other pillow DIY (super easy)!

Enjoy – Sara

DIY-fairy-house-pillow-two-picsAll photos by Sara Albers for alice & lois design studios. All rights reserved.

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