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DIY Fall Wreath Ideas

Check out five DIY Fall Wreath Ideas today. Fun craft projects that anyone can do! 

fall wood wreath

We love a good seasonal wreath… but there are a few caveats. One, the wreath needs to be a simple DIY project. Two, not too many supplies and three, should not take too much time to make! 

We made five different Fall themed wreathes for our friends at Oriental Trading. Our favorite one is made from thinly sliced wood craft pieces in different sizes. Do you love the rustic look with a ombre color theme? 

felt leaf wreath

This DIY Felt Leaf Fall Wreath is another simple project that anyone can do! The autumn felt colors look so nice on this wreath. 

fall wreath

Make sure and check out all of the festive DIY Fall Wreath Ideas! You can find more details over at FUN365.com!


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