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DIY Faux Botanical Leaf Art

DIY Faux Botanical Leaf Art

Unexpected pops of color add such an interesting factor in home decor. Sometimes it can be a subtle pop and other times a dramatic statement. Today we are sharing the latest DIY we made for Oriental Trading’s site, FUN365. This DIY Faux Botanical Leaf Art project is the perfect way to add some summer color into your home decor. Everything we used for this project came from Oriental Trading. We used three different varieties of botanical leaves and acrylic craft paint. 

Head over to OTC to find the full tutorial. I am really tempted to do an entire backdrop for a summer party with these painted botanical leaves. 

DIY Faux Botanical Leaf Wall Art

We made three different designs not the leaves. A color blocking-look with the angled two-tone leaves, a geometric design with dashes and an angled dot pattern. 

I am thinking of adding some of the Summer Art free printables to the gallery wall of the DIY Botanical Leaf Art. 

DIY Botanical Leaf Wall Art

Photos by Sara Albers. 

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