DIY Filing Cabinet Makeover

DIY Filing Cabinet Makeover #DIY #spraypaint #filingcabinet

We are serious when we say that spray paint can give something new life! Check out this fancy new filing cabinet! We took a black boring filing cabinet and turned it into a piece of furniture by adding a new fresh color of paint, new handles and wood legs. We absolutely love how it turned out. You can find the full tutorial for our DIY Filing Cabinet Makeover on hunker.com

This is a simple DIY that completely transforms the old filing cabinet. The natural wood table legs give it such a different look, don’t you think? We are slightly obsessed over the color of the pale sage spray paint.

DIY Filing Cabinet Makeover #DIY

Furniture DIYs do not have to be complicated. So often they can totally change a space. Adding paint or fabric is key. Remember this Ikea rattan chair we changed up? And the Ikea hack upholstered bench? 

Filing Cabinet Makeover with spray paint, new handles and wood legs #DIY

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  1. Love this! How did you paint the drawers? I looked at the tutorial but it doesn’t specify. Did you leave them in the cabinet or remove them to spray paint?

  2. I am in the middle of a file cabinet remodel (just like this one) and have run into an issue with attaching the legs on the end that doesn’t have a wide enough ledge to drill holes into. I noticed this file cabinet is made just just the same – how did you attach the legs on the end where there isn’t enough metal ledge? Just curious!
    Thank you,

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