DIY Fluted Side Table

Create your very own on trend furniture piece with our DIY Fluted Side Table Project

fluted side table

Have you noticed all of the fluted furniture in stores and in magazines lately? We love the look if the soft wood curves. 

We made this DIY Fluted Side Table using material from the hardware store. It is not that difficult at all to make. You can leave this DIY project the naked wood or use a white wash stain or any stain for that matter to give a unique look. We have even thought about painting this type of project with black paint. 

You can find the full tutorial for this project over at hunker.com.

fluted wood side table

What does Fluted mean?

Fluted is a vertical wood accent on furniture and walls. Most use wood trim in a square cut, round or half round. 

We used a half round wood trim or moulding from the hardware store. They come in long 8 foot pieces that you cut down to desired size. 

Did you see the DIY Wood Dowel Vase we made using craft dowels? Make sure and check out this Fluted Planter we made as well. Such a fun project for spring and summer. 

fluted side table

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