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DIY God’s Eye Ornament


We have another DIY ornament for you this holiday. Ready to get your inner-child summer camp on? Remember making God’s eye string art at camp…. well, these make amazing ornaments. Gather some embroidery thread, yarn, lace, fabric and a few sticks and you are ready to go.

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DIY God's eye ornament supplies

Supplies: cake pop sticks // yarn // embroidery thread // lace ribbon // glue gun // scissors



1.With two sticks together, tie a double knot around the middle of the sticks.

2.Twist the sticks so they are perpendicular to each other.

3. Start wrapping the yarn around the sticks – pull the yarn under the stick to the right, looping the yarn up and over the stick. Go to the next stick and do the same, under wrap around stick and go to the next.

4. When you have the amount of the first color, tie off but making a tight double knot and trimming end. Start the new color just like you started.

You can do as many colors and textures of yarn/string. This is a fun ornament DIY to do as a family. Tie a piece of yarn to create loop for ornament.

DIY God's eye ornament


DIY God's eye ornament // alice and lois

Photos by Sara Albers. all rights reserved.

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