DIY Hand Painted Trinket Dish

DIY Hand Painted Trinket Dish

Looking for a last minute gift idea? We made this simple DIY hand painted trinket dish using a transfer method. If you are not crazy about your script or cursive hand lettering, you have got to try this method. We used a charcoal sketching pencil to trace the back of a printed copy of words. Transfer that on a little appetizer plate and then paint with a paint pen. This is a fool-proof transfer image method that is so easy and turns out so nice! We made this tutorial as a video using the Darby app! Check it out below.

These make such a sweet little gift for a friend. You can write anything you wish on the plates – we chose the words, Joy and Peace and Love. We will gift as the trio. But you can do a New Year’s gift and write 2018 or Cheers. The possibilities are endless.

DIY Hand Painted Trinket Dish


Appetizer plates (I used these from Crate and Barrel)

Charcoal pencil

Joy Peace Love printable



paint pen


  1. Print out a copy of the Joy Peace Love printable or create your own using your favorite hand lettered font.
  2. Trace the backside of the word using a charcoal pencil. Make sure and fill in all of the black areas.
  3. Tape the copy onto the plate and use a regular pencil to transfer the charcoal pencil onto the plate.
  4. Paint over the transferred text using a paint pen. Let dry.

DIY Hand Painted Trinket Dish

DIY Hand Painted Trinket Dish

DIY Hand Painted Trinket Dish

Photos and video by Sara Albers.

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