Feb 18 2020
DIY Hanging Shelf
Post by sara albers

hanging shelf in bathroom

You guys, wait until you see how simple this DIY Hanging Shelf is to make! We are always looking for ways to make simple home DIY’s that cost a fraction of what you could buy the very same thing for. We created this DIY project for hunker.com and love how it turned out. This shelf would be perfect in so many spaces in the home. It is hanging in a bathroom and looks great. You could also use it in a bedroom, hanging in the hallway above a small console table and even in the kitchen. 

What you need for a DIY Hanging Shelf? 

A piece of poplar wood, macrame cording and a drill is about everything you need for this project. You can find the full tutorial at hunker.com.

This project can be modified to any size you want. You could even make a two shelf option of this project by making knots to hold the upper shelf. So many possibilities! 

hanging bathroom shelf

DIY home projects that are simple, practical and attainable are just how we like them! Here are a few examples of these types of projects:

DIY Circle Mirror – We adore this project. You can find all of your materials on trusty ol’ Amazon or at a craft store. Everyone that sees this mirror thinks that it is store bought for sure! 

DIY Wall Organizer – We love the look and feel of this wood project. The clean and unfinished wood gives this wall organizer a modern spin, don’t you think? 

DIY Wood Triangle Wall Shelf – A perfect multi-tiered shelf for a bedroom. This simple DIY looks perfect in a kid’s room! So many placing for them to display their favorite trinkets! 



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