DIY Initial Holiday Ornament

DIY Initial ornament tutorialpost by Sara

Ready for a handmade holiday? We are! We have come up with a super simple sewing project to make a personalized gift this holiday. We love how this simple project looks extra special with mixed patterned fabrics and sparkly ribbon.

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Step 1: Cut out initial template. I used Word, Arial Black font, size 350.

Step 2: Make a 4.5 in x 4.5 in square using scrap fabric. Sew the right side ends to together. I used three pieces of coordinating fabrics.

Step 3: Using initial template, determine your design.

Step 4: Iron down seams and iron onto a piece of fusible fleece batting to add weight to the ornament.

Step 5: Cut the initial shape on both layers of fabric.

Step 6: Place and pin ribbon in the top seam. Sew along all edges, leaving raw edges.




Photos by Sara Albers. all rights reserved.

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  1. NameNameNameNameSharon Davis says:

    Gonna do this!\

  2. Eden Passante says:

    These are really fun and would make great gifts!

  3. these look like a lot of fun to make and fairly fast, at that. thank you For sharing!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  4. Love it. I will be making each of the kids, their spouse’s, the Grandkids and spouse’s without forgetting the great grandkids plus two question marks for the two being born in the spring.
    Can you tell i am excited.
    thank you

    1. Yes, I can tell you are excited! I am excited for you. Congrats on the great grandkids!

  5. How can I get the pattern for these letter? Love the idea.!!

    1. I actually used Word, Arial Black font, size 350. Print and use as template.

  6. I can not find the right size letters for the ornaments. How can I get them please.

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