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DIY Mini Makeup Pouch

DIY mini makeup pouch // sewing tutorial

post by Sara

Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, we put together some ideas to celebrate the ones you love.

We have teamed up with Glade to show you how to throw a thoughtful party for some girlfriends. We’re lucky enough to have some pretty amazing girlfriends who are the world’s best listeners, advice-givers and adventurers.

We wanted to create a party to let them know how much they mean to us and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate.

DIY Mini Makeup PouchAnd what’s better than a handmade favor for your friends? We made mini makeup pouches from beautiful fabric, gold zippers and tassels.

DIY mini makeup pouch

Read more for the party decor ideas and sewing tutorial…

DIY mini makeup pouch and tablescape

Party decor ideas

Tablescape – You set the mood of the party with your decor. It’s all about color, scent and the little extras to make it special.

Color – I chose a crisp white tablecloth for the table, adding pops of reds and pink. I added a rose colored silk scarf as the table runner to add a fun and flirty pop of color and texture.

Scent – I chose a red Glade candle with a beautiful light floral scent, blooming peony and cherry. The scent really helped set the mood. I love candles that are light and cheerful in scent. What are your favorite scents?

Flowers – I made my own arrangements using grocery store flowers. I used smaller vases/jars, cut the stems short and made tight bouquests. I had an arrangement and the candle on a pretty gold tray and sprinkled gold confetti on the table. Pretty in pink!

DIY mini makeup pouch tablescape

Favor – Celebrate friendship. Make a handmade gift for each guest. This gesture makes your guest feel special and loved. You can use the gift as a place card at each seat.

DIY mini makeup bag tutorial and table party decor

DIY Mini Makeup Pouch


DIY Mini Makeup Pouch Supplies

cotton print fabric, cotton solid lining fabric, fusible interfacing,sewing machine, scissors, handmade tassels, 7 inch zippers

How to make the makeup pouch

1. Cut fabric pieces. Two outer pieces, two lining pieces and two pieces fusible interfacing – 7.5 in length x 4.5 in.  Next, iron the fusible interfacing on the wrong sides (or backside) of outer fabrics. The interfacing gives the fabric some weight and durability.

2. Lay down one of the outer fabric pieces right side up, place your zipper (teeth side down) with the zipper pull to the left.  Lay one of the lining pieces right side down on top of zipper. Using your zipper foot, sew the pieces together.


3. Flip the fabric pieces (so that the right side of outer fabric is up) and press flat. Next lay your remaining outer fabric piece right side up, place your zipper teeth side down (the piece you just pressed) with the zipper pull to the right this time.  Lay the remaining lining piece right side down on top of the zipper. Pin and sew. Flip the wrong sides together and press. You can top stitch next to the zipper on each side using regular sewing foot.

4. Next flip fabrics around so that the exteriors are facing right sides together and linings are facing RIGHT sides together with the zipper in the middle. I recommend unzipping zipper to middle.

5. Make sure to line up the zipper edges and pin. This will give you even outer edges when turned.

6. Pin around the rest of the lining and outer fabrics.


7. Sew around the whole perimeter using a 1/2″ seam allowance and leaving a 3 inch opening in the lining for turning.

8. Now clip the corners and trim excess zipper.  Pull inside out through the lining opening. Push out corners using chopstick.

9. Tuck raw edges of opening in and press, sew opening in lining shut with small seam allowance, or stitch closed by hand.

Make tassels and tie onto zipper. See my tassel tutorial here.

DIY mini makeup pouch

Cheers to celebrating friendship!

Thank you to Glade for sponsoring this post. As always, our opinions are solely our own. Thanks so much for supporting the brands who make this blog possible. 

Check out more inspiring ideas from Glade on their Pinterest page.

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