DIY Mother’s Day Beaded Necklace

Mothers-day-DIY-necklace-main on aliceandlois.comMother’s Day is a time to celebrate the important mamas in your life. We are beyond lucky to have the most amazing mother. Seriously – she is amazing! We wanted to make something special for her from us. We usually have the girls make something, like this pillow a few years back. This year for mother’s day I made a simple beaded necklace with sentimental packaging. You can make the most simple present super special with an old photograph.

Here is a simple DIY project to make a Mother’s Day beaded necklace. Choose any beads you like. I went with a bunch of pretty greenish/blue beads. Read more for full tutorial.

supplies 3.new Supplies: beads // beading thread // needle // spring ring clasps // crimp beads // jewelry tool

mothers-day-diy-necklace-stepsStep 1. Determine the length of your necklace. I went with a long necklace at 16 inches. Cut your thread at double the length you desire plus 8 inches for tying knots. Start by stringing the beads using a needle.

Step 2. Crimp the crimp beads on each end of decorative beads to hold in place.

Step 3. On one end of necklace, tie a double knot around the jump ring side of the closure. You can use a crimp bead to secure before you trim thread. I also secured the knot with a little glue.

Step 4. Do the same on the other end of necklace.

mothers-day-diy-necklace-6Packaging can make the gift. I wanted to incorporate a photo into this special present for my mom. I used an older photo of my mom and all of her kids. This photo was taken at the Indianapolis Art Museum in front of one of her favorite pieces of art, The Love Sculpture by Robert Indiana. I have so many fond memories of family hikes at the art museum. I scanned the photo, turned it black and white and made the dimensions the same as my gift box and printed. I then cut two lines to place each end of necklace through. It makes this gift more sentimental and special. I love how it turned out (hope you like it mom)!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there!


All photos by Sara Albers for alice & lois design studios. All rights reserved.

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