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DIY Origami Hearts

Learn how to fold paper into a heart shape with this DIY Origami Hearts tutorial.

My girls love paper folding, especially when it comes to hearts! This year, we made larger sized DIY Origami Hearts to use as decor for Valentine’s Day.

The girls picked their favorite colors of card stock (of course lots of shades of pink) and we got folding! This is such a fun family craft to make. 

We love make crafts for Valentine’s Day. There is something so incredibly sweet about making crafts that are heart shaped and convey love. Do you make any special crafts for Valentine’s Day? 

What you need to make an Origami Heart

How to make an origami heart

Fold your square piece of paper in half on the diagonal (top to bottom) and unfold. Fold it in half again, this time from the left side to right and unfold.

Next, with your square in a diamond, fold your top corner down to meet the middle crease. Now take your bottom point and fold it all the way to meet your top crease. 

folding paper heart

To create the first side of your origami heart, fold the right side up to meet the middle and top crease. Repeat on left side. 

folding paper heart

The final step is to fold down 1/2″ on the top heart tips and sides to get the heart shape in photo.

paper folding heart

Then turn the paper heart over. You essentially create a pocket in the back of the paper heart. So many cute ideas with this. 

How to Fold Paper into a Heart Shape

Head over to Oriental Trading’s Fun365 more about this project and many more Valentine projects! 

You’ll see all five of our Valentine paper crafts we created – paper heart wall art, origami hearts, heart envelopes and more. We never tire of heart-shaped crafts at our house. 

Valentine's Day Crafts

We love crafting with the kids for Valentine's Day! Everything from paper heart chains, origami hearts, Valentine necklaces and who can forget about making Valentine's sugar cookies! There are so many fun Valentine activies to do with the kids during the month of Feb!

Check out some of our favorites.

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