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DIY personalized notebooks for kids party favor on aliceandlois.compost by Melissa

Here’s a wonderful way to create inexpensive, but personalized party favors for kids. You take cheap white notepads and customize them with scrapbook paper and a child’s name. How great is this? I came up with this party favor DIY this past month when trying to figure out what I was going to make for Calla’s party. She loves art, so I thought it would be fun to give goodie bags with personalized sketch pads and colored pencils for her friends.

Read more for the tutorial.Supplies for DIY notebook party favors on

Supplies: 4×6 white notepads, scrapbook paper (this is the one I used), glue, scissors, paintbrush, pencil and printouts of names

DIY notebooks for kids party favors on aliceandlois.comInstructions:

  1. Trace the outline of your notepad on the backside of your scrapbook paper. Add an extra inch to the top of the cover. This is what you will fold over and glue to the back of your notebook. Cut out.
  2. Brush glue onto the seam of the notebook and the top inch of the cardboard back cover.
  3. Glue your new cover to the notebook. I lined up my scrapbook paper along the bottom first, then folded it along the top seam.
  4. Run your finger over the top to create folds.
  5. Glue your personalized detail to front of notepad.

Tip – You can create the nameplates for the notebook cover by just using Word or a similar word processing program. I love to use the same font, but some words in bold, others in regular weight. This gives it a modern, custom look.

DIY notebook party favor on

DIY notebook kids party favor on

Easy, cheap notebook party favors for kids parties on aliceandlois.comPhotos by Melissa Fenlon, all rights reserved.

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