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DIY Pool Bag and Favorite Pool Day Snacks

This post has been sponsored by Albertsons Companies Family of Stores. All thoughts and opinions are my own

DIY pool bag an favorite pool day snacks

There’s something so quintessential about a day at the pool with the kids in the summertime. Growing up, we spent countless days at our local pool—I can still remember standing on the high dive looking down at the water, the radio blaring Top 40 radio and all the kids having so much fun. I also remember the snacks! We’ve teamed up with Safeway to share some of our favorite snacks for a day at the pool, along with a great DIY Pool Bag!

Safeway’s Summer Sale is under way with so many great snack options to pack in the pool bag for the kiddos. From Townhouse pita crackers and Lucerne cheddar cheese, to Nature Valley granola bars and Chobani Greek yogurt, the kids will be fueled up for a big day at the pool.

Favorite kids pool snacks

Safeway Summer Sale

The Safeway Summer Sale runs from May 29 – June 11, when you can stock up on all your kids’ favorite snacks. The products mentioned in this post are on sale at the Albertsons Family of stores from May 29 to June 11. *Please note that products on sale at Safeway retailers may differ.

Favorite Pool Day Snacks

Here are some of our go-to pool day snacks, along with some tips on assuring a great day at the pool:

–     Pack a variety of snacks like Skinny Pop popcorn, Planters peanuts, Townhouse pita crackers and Lucerne cheddar cheese. Bring a cooler bag full of Chobani Greek yogurt, too! It’s always fun to have fruit gummies, like the Mott’s fruit snacks, made out of fruits and veggies, and Nature Valley granola bars. And don’t forget to pack water bottles!

favorite summer snacks for the pool

–     We love to use bento boxes to give the kids a variety of snacks. This is especially great for the younger kids. One section can have popcorn, one grapes, one cucumber slices, and another a little treat.

–     Keep a bag devoted to the pool. This is one of the reasons we love our new DIY pool bag. You can always have the kids’ goggles, extra suits, sunscreen and pool toys ready to go in your tote bag. Just throw in some beach towels and your snack bag, and you’re good to go!

–     Keep all of your sunscreen in a “sunscreen bag.” That way, every time the kids need more sunscreen, they know exactly where to find it! Our bag is bright yellow, so it is easy to find!

–     Have a specific towel for each kid in the family. This has been so helpful so that no one is fighting over a towel when they get out of the pool. We have a specific color for each member of the family.

Safeway summer sale and favorite pool snacks

I purchased these products and more at my local Safeway, but you can also shop Summer Sale and save at any of the Albertsons Companies family of stores including Albertsons, ACME Markets, Jewel-Osco, Vons, Pavilions, Randalls, Tom Thumb, Shaw’s, Star Market, and Carrs/Safeway. Visit the Safeway website to find a store near you and discover some fun meal-prep tips and recipe ideas!



DIY Summer Pool Bag

DIY Pool Bag

Here’s an easy way to personalize your canvas tote bag for the pool!

Supplies: Natural Canvas Tote Bag, Fabric Paint, paintbrushes, masking tape, freezer paper, xacto knife

DIY Pool Bag


1.   Print out your initial to fit the bag. Place piece of freezer paper over print out and cut along outside of letter, creating a stencil.

2.   Place freezer paper over area of bag where you want your letter to be. Then iron on freezer paper to bag.

3.   Brush two coats of paint on bag. Remove stencil and let paint dry completely.

4.   To create stripes, simply place masking tape along sides of bag to create a linear pattern.

5.   Paint in lines and let paint dry. Remove tape.

DIY Pool Bag

Favorite pool snacks for summer

DIY Pool Bag and our favorite pool time snacks


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