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Easy freezer paper stencil ghost t-shirt tutorial on aliceandlois.comWe were looking for an easy DIY shirt for Halloween this weekend. Calla gets to wear her costume to preschool on Thursday of course, but she’s really into the Halloween spirit and was talking about a Halloween outfit. (I’m in trouble!) So we decided to use the super simple freezer paper stencil technique to make a ghost shirt. She could help with the project, which always makes it more fun! This is the same technique we used to make the Lake Tahoe onesies this summer. You can check out that tutorial here.

Supplies: white t-shirt, black fabric paint, sponge brush, freezer paper, exacto knifeGhost freezer paper stencil t-shirt tutorial on


1. Draw your ghost face on freezer paper. I drew mine in pencil first on the freezer paper on top of the t-shirt so I knew how big the eyes and mouth should be.

2. Cut out shapes with your exacto knife

3. Place cardboard or a piece of cardstock inside the t-shirt where you will be ironing on your freezer paper. Iron on the freezer paper stencil (shiny side down) on the t-shirt exactly where you want the image to appear.

4. Paint on the fabric paint. Be careful around the edges. It’s best to dab the paint on so you don’t have the color run through the edges.

5. Let it dry, or if you are impatient like we were, use a hair dryer to dry the paint, then carefully peel off the freezer paper.

Happy Halloween!

–Melissaghost freezer paper stencil shirt tutorial on

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    This is super cute!

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