DIY Project – Glitter Clips

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Who doesn’t love a little glitter?! This simple project is a fun way to add some bling to art work. This is a super simple DIY project you can do with your kids. I made some of these clips with my nieces a few weeks ago and they loved the project.

Supplies: wood clothes pins, fine glitter, craft glue, Mod Podge, sponge brush, paper plates

Directions after jump


1. Get your work surface ready. Put down newspaper or poster board over work surface.

2. Brush craft glue on one side of clothes pin. I used a small paint brush. You do not need much glue.

3. Lightly dash glitter over glue. Tap off excess over paper plate.

glitter clip 1 www.aliceandlois.com

4. Once glue dries, use a sponge brush to brush on Mod Podge. This will seal the glitter so you will not have glitter everywhere!

5. Wait for Mod Podge to dry (20 mins) and hang away!

glitter clip 2

glitter clip 3


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