DIY Rope Tassel Keychains

DIY Rope Tassel Keychains | Alice & Lois

I have been holding onto these beautiful brass swivel hooks to make keychains for ages. I thought I would do something  with leather but then became inspired by a bracelet-making kit my daughter has.

I love when a craft project from simple supplies that you have in the cabinet turns into something so amazing. I have to be honest here, this is one of my favorite craft projects yet! I think the rope wrapped in embroidery thread so reminds me of friendship bracelets of my past.

DIY Rope Tassel Keychains | Alice & Lois

I look at these DIY rope tassel keychains as my grown-up friendship bracelets – I cannot wait to give them to my friends! What a perfect little gift to give a friend, for no reason than to let them know how much they mean to you.

You can personalize them and make them meaningful to friends by using favorite colors or patterns. Read more for the full how-to for this DIY rope tassel keychain.

DIY Rope Tassel Keychains | Alice & Lois

Rope Tassel Keychain Supplies

DIY Rope Tassel Keychains | Alice & Lois

DIY Rope Tassel Keychains | Alice & Lois


  1. Cut rope to 13 inches.
  2. Fray the edges of rope by gently pulling apart the ends. Fray 2 inches of each end.
  3. Bring the two frayed ends together and secure by wrapping scotch tape around the two pieces of rope. Add a bit of glue on (what you determine to be) the back side.
  4. Choose your first color of thread. Place the end of thread on the glue and let the quick dry glue dry quickly. Wrap the thread tightly around the two ropes (see picture). When you end the first color, add more glue to the back and tuck in the end of thread with the embroidery needle.
  5. When starting your next color, tuck the start of thread into the previous color. Add a bit more glue.
  6. When you finish, add more glue and tuck the end in the tightly wrapped thread.

You can add as many colors and layers of embroidery thread as you like. I loved doing a color blocking pattern.

DIY Rope Tassel Keychains | Alice & Lois

DIY Rope Tassel Keychains | Alice & Lois

DIY Rope Tassel Keychains | Alice & Lois

DIY Rope Tassel Keychains | Alice & Lois

DIY Rope Tassel Keychains | Alice & Lois

Photos by Sara Albers.

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  1. So fun! I just love every last detail about these. They would be fun to keep on hand for little last-minute gifts.

  2. I just love these! That pop of colour is so good. And I like that the loop is big enough that I could hook my keys through a couple fingers when trying to wrangle a car full of grocery bags.

  3. Those look terrific. I am always on the lookout for keychain ideas that do not add extra weight to my purse. I have a bunch of embroidery thread lying around so I will definitely be pinning this tutorial.

  4. These are super special! We are all about little to no money crafts! Good thing we have everything on hand for these except the gold hooks. Will you please share where you found them? Thanks for the great idea!

    1. Hi Trina – I have a link to the gold hooks in the supply section of the post. Happy making!

  5. why did i just think “Christmas Presents!” for all of my boyfriend sisters!!!??
    this is the best

  6. Thank you, What a great little gift. Everyone could use one of these for special keys and a good size also, easier to find. So cute.

  7. These are so cute! They’d be great end of the year gifts for teachers!
    Can you give some specifications as to what diameter rope you used?

    1. I used 1/8 cotton rope. You can get it at the hardware store. There is a link to it in the supplies list in the blog post as well.

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