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DIY Small Paper Bag Stars

We have a thing for handmade holiday decor! Over the years we have made so many handmade ornaments, different types of wreathes and garland and of course paper bag snowflakes and paper bag stars!

paper bag stars

Today we are sharing a little bit different technique to making the paper bag stars. This is all about the accordion fold. We actually cut off the bottoms of the bag and essentially used the bag as brown craft paper. This technique creates true star shapes and less of a snowflake feel.

Check out below how to make these paper stars. They will soon become a favorite handmade holiday tradition.

How to decorate with paper bag stars

After learning how to make these holiday paper crafts, you might wonder what you can do with them?! We love to make a wall display using all sizes of paper bag stars. Like the image below.

You can also use these smaller stars as ornaments by glueing ribbon or string onto them and hang on your tree. Another idea is for a gift topper. This year I am thinking of using them as placeholders on my holiday table.

The image below is for the paper bag star that looks more like a snowflake. You can find the tutorial here.

paper bag stars

What kind of paper bag to use

We love a good basic brown paper lunch sack. These are simple to cut and fold and incredibly easy to find. We grab ours at Walmart, Target or amazon.

Now, you can use other paper as well. Like wrapping paper! These look beautiful in mixed patterns along with the brown paper bags.

Supplies for Paper Bag Stars

Paper bags


Glue gun

string or ribbon

supplies for paper bag stars

How to make paper bag stars

First cut the end off of the brown paper bag. We used one bag for this single ornament.

DIY paper bag star

Next cut open one side of the bag. This will give you a long sheet of brown paper now. I literally took the bag and cut up the side seam to make one long piece of paper.

DIY paper bag star

Use your hand to flatten out the paper. Now it is time for the accordion fold. We folded each accordion fold at about a half of inch.

DIY paper bag star

Continue folding until you have reached the top of the paper with the folds. Make sure and press the seams or folds with your fingers. Simply smooth them out.

DIY paper bag star

Now take the folded paper piece and fold it in half. Using sharp scissors, cut the ends at an angle. This will give you the star shape.

Tie a piece of string or cording in the middle of the folded piece.

You will then use a hot glue gun to adhere the two sides together.

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