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Are you trying to think of a special and personal gift for friends? Look no further, this is a simple sewing DIY for a fabric sunglasses case.

If your friends are anything like me, I am always switching handbags, thus losing my sunglass cases!

All you need for this project is fabric, quilting weight lining/batting, velcro and your sewing machine! The quilting batting adds a cushion to protect your glasses.

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Read more for full tutorial.

supplies 1Supplies:

– 2 blocks of outside fabric measuring 8 x 7 inches (I recommend measuring your sunglasses for accurate size)

– 2 blocks of soft liner fabric 8 x 7 inches

– 2 blocks of quilting weight batting 8 x 7 inches

– sewing machine

– iron

– velcro

How to sew a DIY Sunglasses Case


1. Iron the outside fabric (wrong side to sticky part of batting) onto the quilting batting.

2. Lay the outside and inside fabrics together and pin. Refer to the picture for the details which sides to lay together.

3. Sew around the side and bottom edges leaving one inch from top opening.

4. Inside out the case

5. Iron the case flat.

6. Sew a quarter inch seam to secure and finish the edges. Start the hem from the inch opening to open top.

7. Inside out, fold down and iron the top opening. You can fold under for a finished hem or not worry about if you add velcro. The velcro will hide the unfinished end. Sew the edge down.

8. Add velcro to opening. I used the no sew type. I just ironed it to the inside.



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All photos were photographed by Sara Albers for alice & lois design studios copyrighted 2013.

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  1. Omg I am doing this for my mother on mother’s day I think she will love it to protect her glasses.

    P.S: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for posting this now I have an idea of a way to get occupied in qaurintine!

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