Jun 16 2014
DIY Tooth Fairy Pillow
Post by sara albers

DIY-tooth-fairy-pillow // on aliceandlois.comCalla lost her first tooth a few weeks ago. Harper wanted to make her a tooth fairy pillow just like the one I had made her a few years ago. One thing that Harper wrote on her “Summer List” was to sew with her mama. Perfect!

This pillow is very simple and is a great sewing project to do with kids. You can really add personality to this simple project by your fabric selection. Harper had fun picking the perfect fabric for Calla. This pillow can work for boys and girls.  The pocket is big enough for teeth and a note to the tooth fairy.

Read more for the full tutorial.


DIY tooth fairy pillow //supplies // aliceandlois.comSupplies: quilting weight fabric (half yard) // pocket fabric (linen) // pillow filling // black fabric pen // sewing machine


DIY-tooth-fairy-pillow-steps1. Cut 2 pieces of fabric 12 x 8.5 inches. Cut one pocket out of linen fabric 4.5 x 4.5 inches.

2. Press all sized of pocket 1/4 in. Sew the top of of pocket for clean edge.

3.  Pin and sew the other 3 sides to the front piece of fabric.

4. Place the right sides of fabric together and pin. Sew around all sides, leaving a 5 inch opening on bottom of pillow.  Trim the corners at an angle (leaving stitched in).

5. Inside out the pillow.

6. Next, cut a piece of scrap paper and insert into pocket. Draw the initial lightly with pencil on pocket. Than fill in with permanent fabric marker.

7. Stuff the pillow with filling. Sew the opening closed with machine or by hand. Now you have a super sweet tooth fairy pillow!

DIY-tooth-fairy-pillow // on aliceandlois.com

DIY tooth fairy pillow // on aliceandlois.comPhotos by Sara Albers for alice & lois design studios, all rights reserved.

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