DIY Velvet Inspired Ornaments

Have you been seeing so many velvet or flocked ornaments this year? We sure have! In love is an understatement on these DIY Velvet Inspired Ornaments.

Handmade Holiday Decor

Handmade holiday decor is by far one of our favorite crafting activities. These velvet inspired ornaments make a perfect gift and an even better home decor piece for yourself!

We call these velvet inspired but honestly they are DIY Velvet Christmas Ornaments. They look and feel like they are almost a velvet material. We cannot wait to try making flocked ornaments as well.

This ornament would make for a fun crafting afternoon with the kids or friends. It can get a little messy, but it is so worth it! But a holiday crafting night with girlfriends would be perfect. You could make these ornaments along with a little wreath as well.

Velvet Inspired Ornaments

The Studio McGee Velvet ornaments at Target sold out immediately. We also found these flocked velvety ones recently.

We made a reel on Instagram a few weeks back that showed the process of how we made these velvet inspired ornaments and people loved them. So we had to go ahead and document it on the blog as well!

Have you seen our Vintage inspired ornaments we shared last week? They are a beautiful blue and metallic look with texture and layering. Gorgeous.

flocked ornaments

What you need to make DIY Velvet Inspired Ornaments

  • Acrylic paint – acrylic craft paint comes in so many colors. We went with a bronze, cornflower blue, navy and dusty rose/coral color paints.
  • Paint brushes – any paint brush will work, but the wider the tip the better.
  • Baking Soda – any brand of baking soda will work!
  • Flour – regular ol’ flour is perfect for this project.


This ornament holiday craft project has been going crazy on Pinterest! We have had a few questions about making these ornaments. So we thought we would answer a few here.

Does the baking soda/flour mixture last year to year?

Yes, it does! We made our ornaments last year and they still look velvety. Since you apply the powder mixture when the paint is dry, the mixture dries into the paint.

Does the flour go bad?

No, it does not. Again we have had ours for over a year and all is good!

How to make DIY Velvet Inspired Ornaments

Step 1 – Paint the clear ornaments. I used glass ornaments but I am sure plastic would work as well.

painted ornament

TIP – You can hold the top of ornaments when painting, or slide the ornaments onto craft stick and tape (with blue tape) by removing the top. That way you can hold ornament and not get paint all over you!

painted ornament

Step 2 – When paint is still WET, sprinkle a mixture of flour and baking soda onto the wet paint. Shake some of the excess off. I used about 2/3 flour, 1/3 baking soda.

I feel like the key to applying the flour and baking soda mixture is to do it when the paint is wet. This will help almost seal a layer of the powder mixture on the ornament.

baking soda and paint

TIP – You will want to keep a good amount of flour mixture on the ornament and allow to the paint to dry. The more flour on the ornament, the more of a velvet look you will get!

velvet ornaments

Step 3 – Once the paint is dry, use a paint brush to gently remove excess flour mixture. We like using a larger brush to do this. You want to be gentle so you do not wipe all of the powder off.

painted ornaments with flour and paint brush

The ornaments look velvet like or even flocked. Add some pretty ribbon and you have yourself a beautiful ornament for your tree. These would make a beautiful gift topper or gift for any holiday gift exchange.

flocked ornaments
velvet inspired ornaments

Take a look at more handmade Christmas ornaments from the blog below! Making handmade ornaments is an absolute favorite holiday tradition of ours! Painted baubles, to embroidery hoops to air dry clay – we have you covered with wonderful ideas!

We would love to see your Alice & Lois inspired ornaments! Make sure and tag us @aliceandlois

Handmade Holiday Ornaments

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