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DIY Washi tape notebook

Check out this simple DIY Washi tape notebook. Fun for you and the kids!

DIY washi tape notebook on aliceandlois.com

When Melissa and I went to ALT Summit a few weeks ago, I wanted to get a few simple notebooks for us to use. I found some grey moleskin journals that were perfect – just needed a bit of personality. Nothing a little washi tape couldn’t help!

We adore simple craft projects that can really show your personality. Washi tape is a perfect medium to use to add color and pattern to plain things. 

What is washi tape?

Washi tape is a Japanese paper tape. It is a type of masking tape used for crafting mostly. Once you start using it, you will become obsessed. It is easy to remove from walls, plastic, vinyl. Once you place it on paper, you will have a hard time removing. 

Read more for the full tutorial…

This is such a simple DIY project. Washi tape is a Japanese decorative masking tape. I purchased mine in Japan town in San Francisco. But you can find at any craft store and amazon

Supplies: Moleskine Journal // washi tape // scissors

DIY Washi tape notebook steps

Step 1: Be creative! Determine what pattern you would like to make.

Step 2: Start taping! Washi tape is forgiving…just like masking tape. Start from the top and smooth out with the pad of your finger so you don’t have any bubbles.

Step 3: Trim your ends of washi and tape up the back side of cover.


DIY washi tape journal on aliceandlois.com

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