DIY Watercolor Grateful Poster for Thanksgiving

DIY Thanksgiving Grateful Posterpost by Melissa

Here’s a fun little art project to get ready for Thanksgiving. I wanted something new this year to use on Thanksgiving to have all the guests write down what they are grateful for. Last year, I made these cute grateful pennant flags that were a hit. But this year, I thought, why not make something that I wouldn’t mind hanging on the wall all year long? So here it is – a watercolor poster to have your friends and family write on. It doesn’t take any artistic skill and you can borrow your kiddo’s watercolor set to do it!

Read more to see full tutorial.

diy thanksgiving grateful posterSupplies: 11×15 watercolor paper, watercolor paints, brushes, ruler, pencil, permanent markers


1. Using a ruler, pencil in lines across your watercolor paper as guides for where your row of circles will go.

2. Start painting your circles. They don’t have to be perfect, just paint away!

3. Once paint has dried, erase the pencil guidelines.

4. Now let your guests add what they are grateful for.

make this watercolor poster for thanksgiving

DIY thanksgiving watercolor print

use watercolors to make this DIY grateful poster for thanksgiving

watercolor grateful poster you can make for thanksgiving

And you don’t have to paint circles. So many designs would be great for a Thanksgiving print. And you can choose whatever palette you’d like to have hanging in your house. Can’t wait to see what you create for Thanksgiving. What are you grateful for?

photos by Melissa Fenlon. all rights reserved.

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