DIY Wire Wrapped Stone Necklace

Make this DIY wire wrapped crystal pendant on aliceandlois.com

I’m so loving all the raw stone and crystal jewelry these days and I’ve been dying to make my own. Last week, Calla attended a birthday party at the local bead store in Crested Butte. This meant I got to browse around while she settled into her necklace making party. There were so many gorgeous rocks and minerals to choose from. I settled on several longer, skinnier ones to try my hand at necklace making myself. You’re going to love how absolutely easy this DIY wire wrapped stone necklace is.

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DIY wire wrapped stone pendant

Supplies: gold wire, gold chain, clasps, round nose pliers, stones, scissors or wire cutters

DIY wire wrapped stone pendantSteps:

1. Make a small loop with your round nosed pliers. Leave about one inch of wire on end with loop. Wrap that excess wire around the base of the loop and trim off excess with cutter pliers.

2. Put the loop on the top of your stone and begin wrapping. I keep the wire still on the spool. Wrap around as much as you see fit.

3. When you have the wrapped look you are going for, wrap the wire around the base of the loop once and then trim excess with cutting pliers.

4. Thread your chain through the loop, cut it do the length you desire and attach your clasps.

Make this wire wrapped stone pendant on aliceandlois.com

Make these gorgeous necklaces with a few simple supplies on aliceandlois.com

You can make these beautiful wire wrapped stone necklaces on aliceandlois.com

all photos by Melissa Fenlon and Kate Barney. all rights reserved.

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  1. I love this!! so simple and beautiful! i wanted to ask where you found your stones?

    1. Hi Kelsie. I found my stones at my local bead store in Crested Butte, CO. I used rose quartz, cherry quartz and blue kyanite.

  2. How secure is the stone when wrapped? Is there any concern it may slip out of the wire? Do you add anything (glue, resin, etc) to strengthen the hold?

    1. Mine have stayed in place, but you could always use a drop of E6000 glue to secure it.

  3. I’m in the process of gathering all the material to make things awesome necklaces! Where did you find your chains? I’m having trouble finding any that are that tiny and that style! Thanks!

    1. Under the supplies section of the blog post – click on the link to the chain and it will take you to (an affiliate) link to amazon.

  4. I love your wire-wrapped crystal necklaces. They are simple, yet elegant and classy. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. i just love what you have done with the stones i have some rose quartz drilled at the top but i might be able to use them in a similar way i hope

  6. Omg I love this!! Where can I learn how to make this? Or where do I get the supplies and Rocks stones from!!

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