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DIY Wood Bead Snowflake Ornament

Create a little Scandinavian holiday feel with this DIY Wood Bead Snowflake Ornament tutorial.

DIY Wood Bead Snowflake Ornament

Handmade ornaments are our favorite things to make for the holidays. Every year we come up with new ideas and techniques for ornaments.

Over the past few years we have made silhouettes as ornaments, used embroidery hoops to showcase favorite fabrics and made moon phase shapes using air-dry clay. And our love of indigo is strong with our favorite marbled indigo ornaments! 

DIY Wood Bead Snowflake Ornament

We might have a new favorite ornament – the DIY Wood Bead Snowflake Ornament! Crafting with wood beads is a favorite! We are so obsessed with the natural wood color and the shape.

This snowflake ornament will be perfect for our mom’s tree – which is covered in different snowflake ornaments. And if you get too busy to make them, we found some pretty ones here.

DIY Snowflake Ornament


wood beads in bowl

How to make a wood bead snowflake

Step 1 – Cut wire to about 50 inches. Start by stringing 6 beads into a circle. Push those beads all the way to the end of the wire (leaving about 5 inches).

Now bring the other end of wire back up through the first bead and pull pretty tight to make a circle.

wood beads on wire

Step 2 – Next string 5 more beads onto the wire.

wood beads on wire

Step 3 – Now thread the wire back through the second bead on the top. Move that bead so that the holes on the sides (horizontal). That is the top bead on the picture below).

wood bead on wire

Step 4 – Now add two more beads onto the wire. You are essentially making one arm of the snowflake. Now thread the wire through the bottom bead. Pull the wire taut.

wood bead on wire

Step 5 – Next thread the wire through second bead in the first circle (base) you made). See image.  
wood bead snowflake

Step 6 – You will want to make four more “arms” following the same steps.

snowflake bead ornament

woodbead snowflake

Handmade Holiday Gift Ideas

What are some of your favorite things to make for the holidays? Making some simple handmade gifts and decorations seem to be something we do year after year. You do not need to get to elaborate on handmade gifts. Sometimes it is the simplest thing that can be the most special.

Check out this round up of some crafty handmade gift ideas – from leather pouches to vases to zippered pencil pouches. There are so many fun ideas!

These air dry clay nesting bowls are a favorite handmade gift. If you haven’t crafted with air dry clay before, this is the perfect project to try!

clay nesting bowls

We made this DIY Wood Bead Snowflake Ornament for some holiday DIY projects for the Better Homes and Gardens website.  The original project can be found here – BHG.com Photos and crafting by Sara Albers.

woodbead snowflake

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  1. Jill Adair says:

    Please tell me what size beads and wire is recommended for these. So cute! Thanks!

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