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Easy Does It – Simple Art Hangers

Easy Does It – Simple Art Hangers using vintage wood pant hangers

We’re starting a new column to share all things simple – quick and easy DIY projects, favorite super simple recipes and hacks we just have to tell you about. That’s why we’re calling it “Easy Does It.” Today, I’m sharing one of my favorite and easy ways to hang art with Simple Art Hangers. A few years ago I found some vintage wooden pant hangers at a thrift store and knew I wanted to use them to hang art, specifically the art my then toddler was making.

It really couldn’t be easier to use them. Just wash your wooden pant hangers and dry. I like to make sure there’s padding on the inside of the hangers so you don’t damage your art. Center your art and clip into the hanger. You can either put a small nail in your wall or just use the removable art hangers velcro adhesives. I also found these wood hangers online that would work just as well as the vintage ones I have.

Easy Does It – Simple Art Hangers using vintage wooden pant hangers.

I love to mix black and white photographs with my kids’ artwork and art that I’ve collected in a gallery wall like in these photos. I printed this black and white print of Calla under the Eiffel Tower when she had just turned one. The blue painting was done by Calla when she was in first grade and the lower print Sara and I found at an art fair in San Francisco last year by artist Melissa Holden.

Easy Does It – Simple Art Hangers using vintage wooden pant hangers.


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