Favorite Accent Chairs Under $500

We are both on the hunt for chairs for our home. Check out some of our favorite accents chairs!

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Do you have a favorite accent chair in your home? What determines a good accent chair… Comfort or appearance or fabric or texture? 

As we are both looking for the perfect chair that doesn’t break the bank, we thought we would share some of our favorites with you today. I had thought that I was all for the upholstered swivel chair, but now I might be rethinking it. 

Form and Function

These are  the pillars of a good accent chair and this helps you determine what means the most to you. Although the chairs we are sharing are under $500, they are all comfortable chairs! The least comfortable one is the barrel chair. Often that style is a more rigid straight seat.

You will want to think about how often the chair will be sat in… this can help determine if a feather filled chair would be best. Or if it is more for decoration purposes, a wood chair or barrel chair could work best. 


You want to make sure that size and scale of the accent chair fits the room. That means that the arm and seat height are similar to the other chairs and couches in the room. It also means that a huge oversized chair in a small, tight room does not make sense. It is helpful if ordering a chair online to actually measure the space the chair will be going. I have even taped the chair dimensions on the floor using painters tape to get a true sense of size. 


Texture and Material

This is the fun part… determining if you want to go with a sherpa or boucle fabric, a pattern or a linen blend! Anything goes. This is where you can go a little crazy! Pattern in the fabric can add interest and color into your space. But it really is unbelievable how much texture can play into things… Boucle can add so much to a plain space. 


Favorite Accent Chairs (under $500)

1.The Anywhere Chair

2. Blue Swivel Chair

3. Woven Chair 

4. Barrel Chair

5. Upholstered Swivel Chair

6. Upholstered Striped Chair

7. Velvet Chair with metal legs

8. Mixed Material Chair

9. Brown Utility chair



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