Aug 10 2015
Favorite Affordable Art for Your Walls
Post by melissa fenlon

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With Sara moving into a new apartment in the city and my eternal quest to change up my interior of my house, I thought it was time to share some of my favorite places to find affordable wall art. I’ve spent a fair amount of time looking online for art. There are some truly amazing artists selling their work online, both through Etsy and other resources.

Read more for my favorite affordable art for your walls.

1. Pamela Munger’s Abstract Painting on Etsy – This Colorado artist has a beautiful gallery of work on her Etsy site. From landscapes to original abstracts, like this one, her work is amazing.

2. Kiki and Polly’s The Last Summer on Etsy – I’ve been a huge fan of the Kiki and Polly shop, the artwork of Lisa Golightly for quite some time. She studied photography before turning her focus on painting. I think that’s one of the reasons I’m drawn to her work. You can feel the memories from photos seep through her work. She actually starts her work from a found photograph.

3. Dappled Shade’s Abstract Watercolor on Etsy – Here’s a great find on Etsy. Some tips for shopping for art on Etsy: Try narrowing your search. For example, if you know you are looking for a watercolor print, be specific. If you are imagining an abstract piece, search ‘modern abstract watercolor.’

4. Emily Jefford’s Summer Winds on Minted – Okay, I completely have an art crush on Emily. Her work evokes so much emotion. There’s depth, there’s color, there’s feeling. For months I’ve been trying to decide which print to get. This one above is a top contender. We follow Emily on Instagram and she shares daily inspiration, sneak peeks of current paintings that highlight her process. She’s a true talent.

And Minted has such a well-curated collection of art on their site now. It’s definitely become a go-to spot for gorgeous artwork for every part of the home.

5. Ashley Goldberg’s Early Morning on Etsy – Ashley is one of my favorite artists on Etsy with her modern, yet whimsical illustrations, gorgeous modern paintings. A lot of her work also could hang in a kid’s room.

6. Kristi Kohut’s Your Element on West Elm – West Elm has worked with Etsy artists and started a collaboration with Minted to showcase artists and sell their work. This watercolor print by Kristi Kohut is through that Minted partnership and is so beautiful. Can’t wait to see more!

7. Lisa Congdon’s Collection a Day at 20×200 – Another favorite artist of mine is Lisa Congdon. We were fortunate to hear her keynote at Alt Summit this past winter. She’s such an inspiration and that shines through with her exquisite collection of work. From her collection a day photo series to her uplifting illustrations and hand-lettering to her large-scale paintings, I’m a total fan.

20×200, where this print above is offered is another one of my go-to affordable art resources. They are extremely good curators and offer some gorgeous artwork. And I love getting their newsletter, which highlights new artists they are working with.

8. Amy Carroll’s Staredown at Minted – Another gorgeous find at Minted. Absolutely love the intensity and composition of this photograph by Amy Carroll. I have a real soft spot for black and white photography. You kinda can’t go wrong with it.

9. Emily Rickart’s Color Study on Society 6 – If you haven’t spent time browsing the art on Society 6, head over there right now! It’s an amazing resource for affordable art. Artists upload their own work, set their prices and retain their rights on this platform. And I’ve found really affordable art on this site. One standout is Emily Rickart’s giclée print, ‘Color Study.’

Other resources I love:

Art Stream Studios – I found this amazing little gocco print of Laura Berger’s on ArtStream. You can find some really interesting original art for good prices.

The Calm Gallery – A great resource for typography fans. I fell in love with this Musicalphabet by Helen Lang on the site.

Zatista – There is a great Under $500 filter on this site. I found this pomegranate print by Luzelle van der Westhuizen.

Thumbtack Press –  An unique resource for modern art. A lot of illustration, photography and comic art.

Tiny Showcase – This site releases original art every Tuesday. And there’s a great social good element to the site, a portion of the sales each week go to a charity chosen by the artist.

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