Favorite Spring Planters

It is time to plant flowers and green plants this Spring. Check out some of our Favorite Spring Planters!


Every Spring we are so excited to head to the local nursery and get some annuals to create some beautiful vignettes of planters on the front porch and the back deck. We have rounded up some of our favorite new planters for this spring. 

We typically go for the neutral look in pots and planters so that the plants can really show off.

You can never go wrong with simple terra cotta pots. But I do love a textured terra cotta color for a planter as well. You can go with the real clay, terra cotta pot or opt for a resin/plastic pot that is more light weight. 

Dark or black planters give a more dramatic look. They look excellent paired with a white house, don’t you think? 

Grey tones and concrete are a favorite indeed. You can find faux concrete with is light weight and easy to care for. The real concrete pots are heavier but can last a lifetime. 

  1. Ridged Planter 
  2. Hickory Planter 
  3. Duox Planter
  4. Concrete Planter 
  5. Earthenware Patterned 
  6. Resin Grey Planter
  7. Black Textured Pot
  8. Cloudy Planter
  9. Tall planter
  10. Self Watering Planter
  11. Whitewashed Planter 
  12. Golden Cement Pot
photo from target.com

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